e48 and HEI coil/dizzy

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e48 and HEI coil/dizzy

Post by landychris »

As a interim between getting the S80 onto my boat, I found my old E48 in a box over the weekend, which got me thinking...
coil and dizzy.jpg
The engine uses an ECU controlled GM/Mercruiser HEI coil and dizzy arrangement, there are loads of wires coming in and out, with quite a few communicating to the ECU.

Now, that coil has 2 plugs and at least 4 wires going to it, could it be run with the E48 and just use it as an ignition controller?

If it can, I could junk TBI until, replace with a 4 barrel thottle plate with TPS and plonk the mixer/carb directly over the inlet.

also, in the E48, when it controls the fuel pump, does it prime on ignition on, and switch off while the engine stops? I can't remember (10years +) and I couldn't find any fuel pump time control on the software.
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Re: e48 and HEI coil/dizzy

Post by stevieturbo »

Find out what is inside the HEI.

it may have a "crank" trigger setup with a few teeth. And I presume still a rotor arm ?

I'd guess you could use both of these ok as the main trigger then just firing the single coil which would be directly wired off the ecu

No reason you couldnt control fueling too ? If it has injectors of some sort.
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