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*** Forum Rules for Posting ***
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Author:  Jon K [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:51 am ]
Post subject:  *** Forum Rules for Posting ***

There aren't many rules here and we like it that way, but we do have to lay some down so everyone posts without issue!

* Respect one another ...
* Welcome newcomers ... be nice to the newbies.
* Agree to Disagree ...
* Don't attack each other ...
* No posts aimed at embarrassing, harassing, creating problems, belittling or otherwise designed to make others unwelcomed.
* Everything (content and images) must remain PG rated
* No useless posting or wasting forum resources.
* No linking to images on unapproved sites (PG rated)
* No profanity or likeness thereof.

Pretty simple right? If we stick to these basic rules we'll have no issues and we can share and learn from others experiences here!

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