aux in / paddle setup

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Re: aux in / paddle setup

Postby stevieturbo » Sun May 17, 2020 4:10 pm

Andy-reid wrote:This is where I goy it from ans someone said on a forum to keep the input and output numerical the same for ease.
If you are using a pneumatic paddle shift system, wire the relay coil for the compressor motor to one of the Aux outputs (e.g. Aux 6) and wire the tank pressure sensor to one of the analogue inputs. As an example and assuming it’s a 0-5v sensor where 0v is empty and 5v is full, set the Aux output to be on at 100mv (not 0mv in case of sensor failure) and off at 5000mv, with a hysteresis of 1500mv (this means once the tank is full, the compressor won’t start again until the sensor reading drops below 3500mv). These are only examples, you will need to tailor them to your specific setup.

Again...what literature ?

And if they are saying to use the same numerical in/out and output ( as I am saying to do ).....where are they getting an Ana6 input from to pair with Aux6 ? Because it doesnt exist.
And usually most generic pressure sensors read from 0.5v to 4.5v. SO whoever is saying to use 100mv or 5000mv...seems a bit "confused".
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Re: aux in / paddle setup

Postby Andy-reid » Mon May 18, 2020 1:01 am

the bit about keeping the aux in and out i found in the dta forum but the bit i copied and pasted come from the DTA tech Quickie moving from s60 to s100 paddle shift
i will ring alex today and bombard him!
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Re: aux in / paddle setup

Postby Alex DTA » Mon May 18, 2020 2:35 am

Andy-reid wrote:Hi DTa s100 latest firmware

More a Question
few things 1) when wiring the compressor for pneumatic paddles it says on the tech quick help wire compressor relay coil to aux 6 and
2)tank pressure sensor (presuming i can use a 0-10bar 3 wire 5v sensor) to an analogue input
3) will the dta control the pressure using the sensor
4) will the tank pressure be visible on the mapping screen and will it be transmitted as can data that can be pulled off by my AEM cd7 dash?
5) do i need to get a N electro magnet solenoid? to stop the box going into N or worse R when moving?

Cheers Andy

Hi Andy

1. You can use any AUX out. Aux 6 is just an example
2. The pressure of the sensor is scaled, so as long as it's a 5v sensor, it will work fine.
3. Yes.
4. Yes. If you use Analogue 2 for example, you can set the Value column to be the pressure for that voltage, and that will appear directly on the dash.
5. No. That solenoid/valve is only used if there is a mechanical lock on the gearbox that needs moving. The Neutral button will stop an accidental shift.
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Re: aux in / paddle setup

Postby Andy-reid » Sun May 24, 2020 4:32 pm

Well. Actuator fitted and valve plumbed and tested. It seems to be on down shift it blips and does an ignition cut if that is possible ? As I get a pop from the exhaust too I am awaiting a spring return blipped so I only need 1 pipe to engine bay as everything I'd under the dash
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