Newbie with a few questions

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Newbie with a few questions

Postby m3aty » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:15 pm

Hi guys...

I have a S40 pro ecu fitted to a car i have just bought. The ecu was fitted and mapped by JRE engines when they fitted the throttle bodies. The car originally ran a magnetti marelli ecu (renault megane cup car) and associated digi dash.
The MM ecu now just runs the dash and a couple of sensors and gear position info.
I would like to remove the MM ecu and connect oil pressure and gear position(sadev sequential) to the DTA and then at some stage change the dash to something like x dash or dash 2 (unless it can be configured to run the existing MM dash via CAN?)

Where do i connect the sadev gearbox output signal wires to, so that the gear position will also be displayed on a digi dash via CAN?
Also i will need to connect in an oil pressure sensor.

What will i need to set up in the ecu programming?

Sorry for all the questions

Many thanks

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Re: Newbie with a few questions

Postby welshpug » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:34 pm

shows on this PDF that the can outputs include gear and oil pressure :) ... eneric.pdf

no idea any further though

Sandy did mention he's looked at a Renault engine recently when I was down at Alvin Powells with a friend for mapping.
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