Review my tables

Give input on tuning as well as any tips and tricks you may have. Also feel free to share base mapping files for various engine types.
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Review my tables

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I've seen in other forums that people share their maps and discuss them, so I thought I would do the same here :D

My car is a 1990 Volvo 740 with a 2.3L B230F and a Garret turbo on it. The turbo is A/R 63 i think, and are a bit on the large size for my engine. Compression ratio is 9.8:1.
It has an S80 pro in it and it's working great so far. Minor hickups but I will eventually sort them out. At least that's what i hope for.

I have never tuned a car before, so this is a big learning experience for me. It took only 1 starter to get the car running the first time I tried :lol:
My resources are somewhat limited, so I will be road tuning the car as best as i can.

So, over to the main ingredient of this post.
I'm sure there are as many opinions as there are cars, tuners and ECU's and I get a little bit confused when i start reading. Thats why I'm posting some of my map to make sure I am on the right track.
Are my target AFR and ignition OK? Fuelling is unnecesasrry to post for obvious resons.
I found a reconstructed "stock" ignition map and based my map on that one, but made it a bit more conservative. These engines supposedly have 53deg of timing at 4000rpm/60kpa :shock:


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