S60 pro intermittent faults

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S60 pro intermittent faults

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I have various intermittent faults over 2000 of them coming from oil pressure sensor, pressure sensor and fuel sensor and they are zeroed out in the ecu setting and not even fitted on the bike and its giving me crazy crank errors and keeps shutting the bike off. Are the Intermittent faults a very strong possibility giving the crank sensor noise interference causing.errors, will not let me upload pic otherwise I would.
Rob Stevens
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Re: S60 pro intermittent faults

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Wow, just slow down a bit!
1. Has it ever run correctly?
2. I assume you have all the warnings and shut downs turned off, if so don't worry about the diagnostics on the sensors for now.
3. Concentrate on the crank errors.

Run the coil test at the same time as gatherthering oscilloscope data, with engine not running. This will show if you have interference.
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