S Dash

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Re: S Dash

Post by MarcoV6T »

Firmware send...
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Re: S Dash

Post by pro2call »

MarcoV6T wrote:Hi Marcel and bbabich,

I've only one left(maybe two), but without any casing, could be delivered at a good price if interested.

I was about to make an upgraded dash(making other stuff at the moment), but as things have changed recently, not sure if it's worth the hassle anymore, we'll see.

I'll send the upgraded firmware to you this week Marcel.
How big is the screen? and what price?
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Re: S Dash

Post by pepper8066 »

Hi guys

I’ve just got a new old stock one of these SDash as it came with my s60.

I’m having trouble trying to set it up.

It’s in firmware mode atm and I haven’t got the SDash hex files😩

Has anyone got them on a CD-ROM as my one didn’t have them on

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