T2 Twin Injectors

Give input on tuning as well as any tips and tricks you may have. Also feel free to share base mapping files for various engine types.
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T2 Twin Injectors

Post by BrendanF »

Upgrading from an e48 using twin injectors to a T2 ecu. DTA helpfully transferred my existing map to the new ecu.

On the e48 twin injectors were enabled 'above' set RPM/TPS position. On the T2 I have selected twin injectors in the Injector Settings but don't see similar 'above RPM/TPS' settings. In this forum there are some suggestions re: S series ecu that a blend map might not be needed.

1. Will the T2 ecu automatically determine when to bring in the second injector?

2. If not, do I have to set up a blend map? If that is the case, will the existing main fuel map need to be modified?

Thanks in advance.
Alex DTA
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Re: T2 Twin Injectors

Post by Alex DTA »

The "Switch At" functionality is no longer used, it's very crude.

Use the blend map instead for proper blending.

You can let the ECU work it out, but it would be better to control it properly.
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