T8 Erratic Tacho reading

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T8 Erratic Tacho reading

Post by Lee_edwards »

Im using the T8 with an AJ30 engine (V6, Coil on plug but not sequential spark) and using the ETB digi dash

The issue im having is the RPM reading seems ok low down / mid range but at around 5k and above it starts jumping about and bringing the shift lights in earlier than it should (think this is due to the rpm reading spiking higher intermittently)

having checked the max recorded RPM on the software its showing 7800, where as on the digi dash the max recorded is 7500 so fairly confident something is adrift.

Both DTA pulse and the ETB pulse being configurable i don't know if iv got this setup wrong or is it as simple if its reading right at idle then it will be right all the way up the rev range?

The dash is being fed by the tacho output

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Re: T8 Erratic Tacho reading

Post by G3Lee »

Update on this - An additional pull up resistor seemed to settle the dash down
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